Premium Icelandic Sheep Pelts 
                      Luxurious, silky soft pelts.  Our gorgeous pelts are professionally tanned and hand washable.
Please inquire if you are interested in a pelt, we accept Paypal, checks and money orders.

Black/grey Lamb Pelt #19

Aprox. 2.75 ft. X 1.75 ft.

Black tog and grey thel,
very pretty.

plus shipping


Black/grey Adult
Pelt #9

4 ft. X 3 ft.

A gorgeous, variegated blue/grey/black pelt with
a white base.  Stunning!


Black Badgerface
Lamb Pelt #18

Aprox. 3 ft. X 2 ft.

Almost white with a little
black along the edge in two spots.  Really silky and soft
with an even balance of
thel and tog.

plus shipping

Moorit badgerface yearling fleece #15

Aprox. 3.5 X 2ft+

Very soft, thick fleeced pelt. Creamy color with a small
band of moorit along
one edge. 

plus shipping

Black spotted ewe #16

Aprox. 4 X 3ft.

This is from a ewe with the subtle "Dalmatian spotting" 
Tog is mostly white and the undercoat (thel) is shades
of grey/black/white.


Black spotted ewe #11

Aprox. 4 X 2.5ft.

Beautiful thick pelt with
a white tog and grey thel, along with black spotting.




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